WNT Ventures Welcomes Investment Advisors
April 8, 2016
by Anna

WNT Ventures Welcomes Investment Advisors

Written by Carl Jones

WNT Ventures are pleased to announce our collaboration with Mr Peter Tinholt and Dr Robert Powell who we warmly welcome as WNT Advisors.

Peter Tinholt’s expertise lies with the food manufacturing sector from his roles as General Manager at Taura Natural Ingredients (Asia Pacific), Allberry House (Delmaine Fine Foods) and Mother Earth Australia along with senior executive positions within Newmans Quality Foods and Cadbury Schweppes Australia. Peter’s experience within the food manufacturing industry, and previously in the pharmaceutical industry, includes a specific focus on innovation and the exporting of high value added products.

Robert Powell is a trained Biochemist and Research Scientist with extensive life science, venture capital and commercialisation experience. He has spent considerable time gaining practical experience in the USA and NZ over the past decade in opportunity identification, valuation and commercialisation. The reporting Robert provides WNT Ventures with due diligence and strategy advice on R&D proposals has proven valuable to our decision making process over the past year.

We are privileged to have these gentlemen on board as part of the wider WNT team and to utilise the knowledge and experience they each have in their respective sectors. Their involvement and advice will aid us in achieving our goals of growing successful global companies.