Introducing Jon Sandbrook
April 14, 2017
by Anna

Introducing Jon Sandbrook

WNT Update

It is with great pleasure we introduce Investment Manager, Jon Sandbrook who joined the WNT Ventures team in February.

With extensive experience in corporate business strategy, Jon’s background also includes mergers and acquisitions for a NZ based multinational, technology commercialisation, deal sourcing and business development.

or the past 3 years he led Pan Genome Systems, an agriculture technology start-up company in the USA focused on the development and commercialisation of animal health vaccines and diagnostics.

The role included Jon implementing the company’s business strategy and commercialisation pathway, licensing of core technology and cultivating pivotal commercial partnerships resulting in successfully taking the company through to completion of a key partnership deal with a global animal health company.

We warmly welcome Jon who has hit the ground running and is already proving his value to WNT Ventures, our Investors and companies in many fields including his vast experience in the Ag-tech sector.