WNT Ventures intensive pre-incubation open for Ag-tech applications

18 February 2019
WNT Ventures intensive pre-incubation open for Ag-tech applications

WNT Ventures is calling for applications for eligible, pre-revenue Ag-tech start-ups with a focus on:

Water management solutions - promoting resilience of production systems to the impacts of climate change.

Animal health and welfare - overcoming the threat of antibiotic resistance.

Robotics, automation and productivity - addressing the challenges of labour inputs.

Connectivity and data - enabling rural connectivity and leveraging data/analytics.


Approved companies will receive:

Up to $35,000 in Pre-incubation funding

Access to an intensive one-week programme which includes:


Market Validation guidance

Strategic Planning

Intellectual Property review and advice

The one-week programme is typically followed by further customised support covering key areas relating to technical, commercial and intellectual property over a one to three-month period.  The programme is intended to culminate in the candidate’s suitability for access to seed funding and ongoing support through WNT’s main investment programme.  


Eligible companies must be:

Pre-Revenue (including trial/beta revenue)

IP driven

Global focus

Currently New Zealand based


Please submit a non-confidential 1-page summary to before 8 March 2019.  We will provide responses within 5 working days of application.  



WNT Ventures is investing via our second fund and we receive access to additional capital for investment from Callaghan Innovation via the Repayable Loan scheme.   WNT Ventures promotes a partnership style of investment and we take an active role in our portfolio companies’ development.  

WNT works closely with a variety of organisations including:



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