Startup Folk Event - Deep-Tech Startup Dynamics

27 February 2019
Startup Folk Event - Deep-Tech Startup Dynamics

This event is a must attend event for anyone interested in the world of deep-tech startups.  Differing perspectives can make or break a company, so being one step ahead of the game and understanding and respecting these differences will help ensure that everyone is there for the long haul.

Successful Founders, Inventors and Investors will be providing their perspectives and insights into their journey within deep-tech startups.

We will also cover how Tauranga-based Technology Incubator, WNT Ventures, can support deep-tech startups throughout their journey. 


Date: Wednesday 20 March 2019

Time: 5:00-6:30pm

Venue: Ourplace - 91 Willow Street, Tauranga

This event is free to attend and drinks and nibbles will be provided. 

Please RSVP by the 15 March 2019 on Eventbrite.


Brian Russell – Director at Nelson Artificial Intelligence Institute

“Views from all sides of the table”

As a deep-tech Founder, Inventor, Investor and Board member, Brian has sat at all sides of the table, gaining an in-depth understanding of the different perspectives that can exist within deep-tech startups.  Brian will discuss his learnings and insights from his extensive involvement in deep-tech startups, providing some key pointers on how to manage and overcome different viewpoints.

Brian is currently the Director for the Nelson Artificial Intelligence Institute, is a Board member of Tauranga’s PlanTech Regional Research Institute and has Board positions for a number of deep-tech startup companies.  He also operates as the Chair of Auckland University’s Return on Science Physical Sciences Investment Committee. As CEO and Founder of Zephyr Technology Corp, which was acquired by Covidien in 2014, Brian was instrumental in developing BioHarness, a wearable sensor, that enabled transitional healthcare from hospital to the home.

Cathy Clennett - Co-Founder and Executive Director at Hiringa Energy Ltd

“The Investor’s end game”

Cathy is a serial Founder and Investor.  She has co-founded a number of companies and has extensive experience in the investment into early stage companies. Cathy’s presentation will focus on her journey within various companies and on building company strategy and the differences, and similarities, across corporates, startups and investors.  

Cathy is a co-founder and Executive Director for Hiringa Energy Limited, a company that is bringing zero-emission hydrogen fuel to New Zealand businesses.  She was also co-founder of EasyMobile, a telecommunications company, in Australia. Cathy has extensive experience in investment, she is an early stage investor and founding Board member of the investment group, Launch Taranaki.  Cathy also had the lead role in developing Todd Corporation’s technology investment strategy.

David Moodie – Founder of WNT Ventures’ portfolio company, Foundry Lab

“The Founder's dilemmas”

Industrial Designer, David Moodie, is an Inventor and Founder of early-stage deep-tech startup, Foundry Lab. David will provide insights and his perspectives of his recent journey in getting a concept from an idea, to an investable business and then on to a business that has a global focus from the start.

David has founded two companies, including Makegood - a product design consultancy company, where he has been involved in the creation of products including airline seating, NMRI scanners, drones, baby equipment and a range of electronic products.  While most products have been globally focused and destined for mass manufacture, the constant need for cost-effective short run production has driven the development of the new Foundry Lab technology.  Foundry Lab is a deep-tech company focused on advanced manufacturing and short run metal production. The technology solves the long-standing market pain of slow turnaround and high piece price that plagues prototyping and low volume manufacturing.  



“The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards.

Arthur Koestler