Fund 1

Mastaplex Limited

Mastaplex is a Dunedin-based company with the aims to develop and commercialise a point-of-care bovine mastitis diagnostic test.  Mastitis is a problem that effects all International milk operations (there are approximately 270 Million dairy cows).  Currently Farmers diagnose Mastitis via visual identification of inflammation of a cows udders and/or clotting of the milk.  Farmers and Vets usually choose to start antibiotic treatment straight away and make a best guess of which bacteria may be the cause.    It is estimated that in the US alone the disease cost the industry around $1.7 billion per annum.  Dr Olaf Bork began development of this technology at the University of Otago.

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Onesixone Limited

Onesixone Limited developed a software-hardware solution, called SoundSwitch, which enabled DJs to seamlessly integrate DMX lighting with live audio. SoundSwitch provided DJs with the ability to dynamically enhance the visual and lighting elements of their performances.

In May 2018, WNT Ventures was pleased to announce that Onesixone was acquired by American based company Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and solutions. Denon DJ forms part of parent company, inMusic, alongside leading music industry brands such as Akai Professional, Numark and Rane. 

Denon DJ will retain Onesixone’s employees and the company’s existing base in Tauranga.  The increase in R&D spend will attract more talent to the region, ensuring continued positive economic outcomes for the Bay of Plenty and New Zealand as a whole.

Nyriad Limited

Nyriad is developing a new generation of compression technologies designed for modern big-data needs and intelligent software solutions for mixing and matching compression methodologies for various kinds of storage, performance and processing requirements.  Founded by Alex St. John - Early co-creator of Microsoft DirectX media platform for Windows, Early pioneer in GPU accelerated computing and 3D graphics, and Matthew Simmonds, a New Zealand based serial entrepreneur for over 30 years, TEDx Speaker, inventor of technologies in audio, electronics, digital cinema, digital signal processing, geothermal and nuclear energy, medicine and optics.

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Established by a team out of Lanzatech, Avertana is a process technology company that has developed a novel, proprietary technology platform to produce everyday minerals and chemicals from industrial waste streams.  Their products are bulk industrial commodities - physical products with tangible value and large, global markets.

Using a combination of inorganic chemistry, advanced materials and innovative design, Avertana turns low-value industrial residues into valuable minerals used in everyday items.  Their products can be found everywhere, from paints and plastics to water treatment solutions, building materials and fertilisers.

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Mint Innovation

New Zealand clean tech company Mint Innovation have developed a unique biometallurgical approach to recover precious metals from electronic waste and other residues such as mining tailings and ores.

The Mint technology platform uses microorganisms to selectively and rapidly recover precious metals from various low concentration materials under environmentally benign conditions.  The process is low cost, recyclable and fully scalable making the ideal solution for recovering value from materials at any scale. 

A key aspect of the Mint process is the broad spectrum of biosorbents that can be used to selectively recover a variety of metals.  This enables recovery of precious metals from a range of resources and remediation of metal contaminated streams.

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Robotics company Ficomms specialise in designing and supplying state of the art technology, which will significantly improve the installation and operation of the Fibre to the Home networks.

Not only are Ficomms developing handtools to improve the speed and quality of work during fibre installation, they are seeking to complete a full robotic solution, which will disrupt the way in which microduct jointing is performed globally.   Longer term the company will develop a range of solutions to deliver value in this growing market.

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HelixID Limited

HelixID Limited was an AgTech start-up with a vision to create a wearable platform on dairy animals that could act as a secondary animal identification device, in addition to being platform for additional sensing devices.

The company was formed between WNT Ventures and Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), in conjunction with the Sprout Agritech Accelerator Program.

In 2017, the decision was made to close this investment and wind up the company.