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Foundry Lab

Foundry Lab is an advanced manufacturing startup looking to disrupt short run metal production. The Foundry Lab technology solves the long-standing market pain of slow turnaround and high piece price that plagues prototyping and low volume manufacturing.

TDRi Limited

TDRi Limited is developing a range of remote and portable sensors based on novel time domain reflectometry imagery (TDRi) technology originally developed at Lincoln Agritech Limited.

TDRi sensing allows an unprecedented level of insight into sub-surface structures and overcomes the drawbacks of invasive and costly traditional single-point detection ground sensors.  The potential for the technology extends to a range of industries and applications in the $1 billion global market for sub-surface sensing.  

The company’s initial focus is on developing continuous, non-invasive mobile sensing devices for the road construction sector and thereby dramatically improving the quality, consistency and efficiency of road surface construction.

Marama Labs

Marama Labs has developed CloudSpec, a unique instrument that allows customers identify and measure characteristics of turbid (cloudy) samples by using the spectral properties of light.   The technology removes the requirement for several pre-testing processing and filtering steps, whilst providing additional insights into sample characteristics.

Businesses using CloudSpec will gain key strategic and operational benefits over  businesses using traditional testing methods.  While CloudSpec will initially be applied within the wine industry, the technology can be readily applied across a range of industries.

The unique ultra-violet and visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy technology was developed at Victoria University of Wellington’s globally recognised Raman Spectroscopy Lab.

Find out more (formerly Insite.AI) has developed an enterprise level, artificial intelligence platform designed for buying and planning for large, leading, physical retailers.

Their technology makes intelligent merchandising recommendations ahead of time, augmenting the human element decision process and providing better quality, and more profitable, decisions as a result.

DemandForecasting is based in Auckland and was established by Goat Ventures.  The founders, Jonathan Reid and Shaveer Mirpuri, are experienced entrepreneurs who have built and scaled companies before and invested into numerous start-ups.

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OPUM’s is an AI/robotics company - their first product is the Digital Knee™: a digital orthopaedic brace initially targeting improving ACL injury patient outcomes.

An instrumented brace collects sensor data to track and monitor the joint, together with an AI-driven platform that optimises the patient rehabilitation program. OPUM’s vision is to revolutionise the orthopaedic rehabilitation industry through intelligent automation.

Farrago Ltd

Farrago has developed artificial intelligence technology to automate large parts of the data scientist role, empowering non-technical users to apply machine learning algorithms to existing data with a few clicks of a button.  This AI tool steamlines the process and makes it exceptionally more efficient than manual data preparation.  They believe every organisation should benefit from the power of machine learning without having to invest in a team of data scientists and expert software engineers

Farrago Ltd is based in Wellington and founded by Asa Cox, an experienced enterpreneur in the fields of AI and commercialising machine learning products and services.

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