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WNT's Startup Folk #2 earlier this year

Register for Startup Folk #3 coming 13th November to Tauranga

7 October 2019
Startup Folk

Deep Tech Startup Dynamics

WNT's SF 2 brought us perspectives from different sides of the table, Founders, Inventors and Investors.

Cathy Clennett tells us about what it's like and what she enjoys as an investor

Brian Russell talks with WNT about being a founder and investor

David Moodie tells us about his journey as the founder of tech startup Foundry Lab

StartUp Folk 3

Coming 13th November.  We have two exciting speakers lined up  - you are not going to want to miss this one.

Vignesh is an engineering and technology professional with experience in gloabl technology design, manufacturing and operations strategy.

Before returning home to NZ in mid 2018, Vignesh spent several years at Apple, based across it's North American and East Asian sites, as an Enclosure Engineering Manager in the Portables Team.  Here, he was directly responsible for the management of both the design transfer process from product design through to mass production, and the resultant enclosure hardware supply chain, for the portables line of Apple products.  Within the scope of this role, Vignesh led the front-end engineering strategy by working closely with design teams to identify new enclosure technologies and startups that aligned with Apple's product vision, and subsequently spearheaded commercial strategies to license, acquire, scale and integrate these technologies into Apple's development pipelines and products.

John moved to NZ this year with his kiwi born wife and family after spending almost 7 years with Amazon.  His last role there was VP - Global HR leader for Amazon's fullfillment and delivery operations technology and customer service. He has over 20 years in HR experience in manufacturing, financial services, technology, distribution, customer service and logistics organisations.  He has led in global business environments ranging from high growth to ground breaking innnovation to large scale.  John now helps businesses here in NZ chart a path to achieve their goals, working backwards from the needs of their customers with a focus on strategy, leadership, organisational design, technology and culture.