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WNT Ventures are experienced custodians of our founders’ ideas and our investors’ money. We are the most established early stage deep tech fund manager in New Zealand.  Over three funds and 9 years we have a track record of investments and realisations, demonstrating the quality of our investment thesis, team, execution capabilities, and performance.

WNT Ventures is the only VC to be reappointed to the Callaghan Technology Incubation Programme. We review over three hundred technologies a year for investment and have a reputation for robust due diligence and working closely with founders to ensure their success.

WNT Ventures Fund 4

We are welcoming enquiries from Wholesale Investors

Fund 4 will be a $35m fund to invest into New Zealand deep tech companies from Seed to Series A

Leveraging a decade of experience, strong liquidity record and multiple companies with 40x returns, our investors count on our results.

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