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Case Study

Argo Navis - Malcolm Snowden

Streamlining propulsion systems to deliver superior performance

We develop upper-stage rocket engines that are scalable, simple and elegant. Our propulsion system delivers on improved performance and reliability with reduced costs, overcoming the schedule challenges experienced by many launch providers.

How did WNT Ventures help us?

In 2019 we were experimenting with rockets in our garage and realised that we needed more funding to progress further. We started working with an incubator scheme and were introduced to Carl. We underwent the investment process in March 2020 and gained some pre-seed capital.

The great thing about WNT is that they just roll up their sleeves and get things done. They bring a lot to the table along with the cash and they have an excellent network to support us through every stage of our business. They organised for a Senior Exec at Amazon to give us some some critical advice which helped a lot. They're experts in capital raising and how to run a company and they’ve been there at all of the critical points along the way.

Hardware is generally a longer and more difficult road to market than software. Good hardware plays are challenging but WNT are happy to take on the hard problems. They always reinforce to us that hardware done right provides stronger long term value.


“Our first sub-orbital demonstration flight has got the green light which means we will be proving out the technology in flight."
Malcolm Snowden, CEO, Argo Navis
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