Welcome to WNT's Blog!

Since WNT Ventures started in late 2014, we have been engaged with well over 350 technologies, companies and ideas of all shapes and sizes.  If you consider the entrepreneurs, academics, founders, advisers and support people involved with bringing these companies to their ultimate destination, the numbers start to get quite large.

Through these regular engagements, and pulling from our own experience of building, advising and investing into technologies companies, there is a clear set of repetitive questions and knowledge being sought.    We understand that there is a huge amount to learn, particularly for those at the start of that journey.  Part of that knowledge may even be questioning whether the person even wants to start the journey, or not.

Mistakes themselves aren’t bad, but if we can learn from the ones others have made, then we can improve our chances of success as a result.  The learning doesn’t diminish when you’ve been through it before, but it changes – and you learn to make a whole new set of mistakes.

We here at WNT love what we do and enjoy working directly with people to help them build their new company.  As much as we would love to, we can’t spread ourselves wide enough to spend quality time with everyone. What we are aiming to do with this blog is to help early entrepreneurs along that journey and we welcome your direct engagement when you feel you are ready.

When we say entrepreneur, we realise that means different things for different people, and some of you may not even think you are an entrepreneur - yet.   Switching from a technical, or research background, to a commercial focus is a much easier pathway than trying to doing it the other way around.

This blog will aim to provide entrepreneurs – whether you are from an academic background, or if you are developing a company in your garage – with the information you need to get started in building a successful start-up company.

We will provide meaningful advice in areas such as intellectual property, market validation, building business plans, as well as finance and operations, strategy, sales and marketing and capital raising -  and sometimes simply an explanation of what all that means.

From time to time we may draw on our experience to focus on particular sectors that may be of interest as well.

We are very keen to hear from you if there are any topics you want to learn about or if you have feedback on the articles we have written.

Feel free to contact our team directly, using the contact details on the website, or via email at