How do you Scale From Fire Fighting to Operational Excellence

14 September 2023


12:30pm - 2:00pm

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We know that building a hardware business is hard. It is unusual for hardware founding teams to have the full set of skills required to be able to support them to bring their product from concept all the way to market. We have planned six key workshops that will help give the foundational building blocks for any budding hardware entrepreneur.

Led by WNT Investment Manager, Niamh Given, this workshop will give you tools and tips you need to talk to your market and ensure you have problem-market fit before you go too far on your journey. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, talk about market validation challenges you have had in the past and learn from companies who have been through the process.

The Hardware Rollercoaster

There are many high and lows that are encountered on this journey. It’s important to understand that a lot of the things keeping you up at night as a Hardware Entrepreneur, have kept people up at night before! This series is here to answer some of the questions you have but also to give you partners and networks that you can reach out to and ask questions so that you don’t have to go on this journey alone.

What are in the sessions?

In each session, we will be bringing together industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs to help give you a toolkit to help you through some of the sleepless nights that building a company can bring.

Whether you are already on your hardware startup journey and have questions about certain areas or just thinking about embarking on that startup journey there will be useful insights, networks and case studies that you will get from the series.

Session #5 - From Fire Fighting to Operational Excellence

Building a strong operational base in a hardware company from early on will help build a stronger company. In this session, we will bring together local and international experts who have built best in class supply chains for hardware companies. They’ll be able to handle the hard questions about how to build quality management systems, navigate complex logistics, building a team, risk management and sustainability.

Our incredible panelists include:

Roz Buick

Roz is a senior executive and catalyst for digital transformation, having game-changed industries via customer-led differentiated strategy in product, services and go to market. Overseeing worldwide teams and business P&Ls, she redefines strategy and builds teams to consistently step-function the growth in business revenue and profit.

Alan Cuddihy

Alan develops the global PCH sustainability strategy, to go beyond compliance and focus on the economic benefit of excellence in environmental and social performance. Alan is primarily interested in the intersection of technology and sustainability. Bringing new products and technologies to market at the right time while also maximizing positive social and environmental impact.

John Olsen

John has over 20 years in HR with experience in manufacturing, financial services, technology, distribution, customer service, and logistics organisations. He has led in global business environments ranging from high growth to ground breaking innovation to large scale.