WNT Ventures Fund 3 is Underway

Great companies are often born during times like these and we expect to see transformative opportunities emerge. We see a fantastic opportunity to continue to do more of what we do best – investing in and supporting New Zealand’s emerging deep tech companies.

To us, deep technology means science anchored, research-based innovations with strong defensibility. The opportunity must be unique (i.e. has a compelling competitive differentiation) and address a significant global market pain point. The WNT Ventures investment approach is tailored to deliver excellent returns while providing critical value to the emerging technologies from New Zealand’s public research organisations (e.g. universities, Crown research institutes) and private sector.

New Zealand’s deep tech sector is seeing rapid growth, generating dozens of start-ups with promising investment return potential that are also doing good by focusing on the world’s biggest challenges: sustainability, automation, and health to name a few.

WNT Ventures augments and extends New Zealand’s deep tech support ecosystem that helps start-ups commercialise complex technologies - we go on the journey with them – we provide tailored, hands-on support at a level not typically available from other investors, which helps us build excellent companies out of interesting technologies.

WNT Ventures Fund 3 is raising up to NZ$15 million from wholesale investors and we will continue to focus on pre-revenue, New Zealand-based deep technology start-ups. We will do this alongside our supportive private sector stakeholders and Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand’s Innovation Agency, as part of their technology incubator programme and their repayable loan scheme we can access.

We have strong and supportive base of investors – a mix of institutional such as Quayside Holdings and Bay Trust, groups such as Enterprise Angels and Angel HQ and a range of family offices and private investors throughout much of New Zealand.

WNT Ventures Fund 3 enables New Zealand, and international investors to participate in the Callaghan Innovation technology incubator programme and we are looking forward to expanding and adding new relationships to our group.

WNT Ventures Fund 3 offers a unique and dynamic opportunity with a professional investment approach to the early-stage deep tech start-up space.