WNT is pleased to announce our latest investment into Argo Navis Aerospace.

Argo Navis Aerospace are developing innovative chemical propulsion systems for the space industry. Their goal is to provide an unmatched combination of performance, scalability, reliability and cost.  The company was founded by CTO Dr. Malcolm Snowdon and CEO Dr. Avinash Rao, who were early employees of Rocket Lab gaining experience within, arguably, one of the world’s most successful Space 2.0 companies.

Within Rocket Lab, Dr. Snowdon worked as a Guidance, Navigation & Control Engineer developing the Electron orbital launch vehicle navigation system. Dr. Rao led the development of the Guidance, Navigation & Control team for Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle before taking up the role of Director of Mission Delivery.

This investment is the ninth in WNT Ventures Fund 2 and was able to attract Callaghan Innovation repayable loan funding via WNT’s supplier agreement with its Technology Incubator programme.

WNT Ventures was confirmed as a supplier in the next phase of the Technology Incubator programme which has been extended to 2027 including increasing the Repayable Loan to $750,000 alongside a $250,000 investment by WNT.

WNT has recently launched their own raise their third fund targeting a raise of $15 million to invest into around new deep technology companies over the next three years.

WNT Ventures welcomes inquiries from pre-revenue, deep tech start-ups looking for capital from a supportive and active investor. Details on WNT’s investment process can be found at www.wntventures.co.nz

Further information on Argo Navis Aerospace can be found at argonavis.aero/